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Speak Easy Therapy Solutions, LLC, is a telepractice comprised of an experienced Speech Language Pathologist, whose purpose and goal is to focus and improve the American Speech and Language Hearing Association (ASHA) Big nine areas: Articulation, Fluency, Voice and Resonance (including respiration and phonation), Receptive and Expressive language, Hearing (including the impact of speech and language), Swallowing (oral, pharyngeal, esophageal, and related functions, including oral function for feeding); oral facial myofunction, Cognitive assessments of communication (attention, memory, sequencing, problem-solving, executive functioning), Social aspects of communication (challenging behavior, ineffective social skills, lack of communication opportunities), Communication modalities (including oral, manual, augmentative and alternative communication techniques, and assistive technologies).

Assessment and treatment of these nine areas are key essential as relates to academic standards. Assistance in targeting these areas helps achieve the goal towards closing achievement gaps to assure academic success in the classroom and beyond! Speech Therapy is vital and essential in improving your child's language skills. KDudleySLP

Assuring academic

success in the classroom and beyond is our number one objective.




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Hinds County School District

Raymond, MS

"Great teletherapy services! They provide coverage when there is a need for an SLP; covering a variety of areas that impact difficulties in communication for our students..

Studying on a Computer

Camden County School District

Kingston, GA

"Excellent services! We use teletherapy services in our district and they are committed to helping improve any communication impairment. The company provides a great model of distance learning for our students.


Young Students

Meriwether County School District

Meriwether County, GA 

"Connecting to Speak Easy Therapy Solution, LLC has been a blessing. In light of COVID-19; we were able to partner and work in collaboration to receive assistance in reaching out to our students providing Speech Therapy services in the comforts of their homes.


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