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Keenya Dudley


Speech Language Pathologist


Keenya Dudley, Speech Language Pathologist is the founder of Speak Easy Therapy Solutions, LLC. She is a graduate of The University of Mississippi in Communicative Disorders, with 15 ys + experience

of providing Speech and Language Therapy services

in public schools, including 4 years teletherapy experience.

My motto is, “Making a Difference One Word at a Time.” While in a church service last year, I was inspired by the Bible story about a disciple named Peter who was called by Jesus to step out on faith and walk on water, which was something Peter had never done before or ever thought possible to do. With this inspirational word in mind and spirit; I continued to follow the intuition of taking a step of faith to pursue a career as an independent contractor in telepractice. Connecting with Pro-Care Therapy and VocoVision has been a rewarding experience.

I have connected with other awesome Speech Language Pathologists, Recruiters, Technical Operations Specialists, Operations Coordinators, and Senior Business Development Directors, such as Nakela Jackson of Pro-Care Therapy. VocoVision connects the therapist to the Zoom Web-Based platform, in my opinion, is one of the best platforms to use for teletherapy.

Since the closing of all school districts nation-wide during this current COVID-19 Pandemic; I have been able to continue the student’s Speech Therapy services within their homes using this ground-breaking platform. The video window provides a mirrored image where the student can visually see how they are producing their speech sounds and the therapist can also provide a good model using the video window. The student is allowed time to think and arrange their thoughts when responding to questions. Annotation features on the web-based platform are used to edit or highlight text in order to cite the text evidence while reading for details and inferencing. Parents are able to receive guidance, ask and answer questions with the Speech and Language Pathologist, and assist the student with learning techniques to assure generalization of the skill in other environments outside of the therapy setting and regular education classroom.

There are great needs for Speech Language Pathologist in our country. If I had not answered to the call, I would not have experienced the idea or vision of telepractice and just how or why the technology is ground-breaking and effective. There are so many advantages: I’m stretched daily in my clinical experience which allows me to work with not just one population, but all age groups of various backgrounds and ethnicity. I can be in multiple places all in one day without the hassle of driving from site to site, hauling, carrying, loading and unloading materials; and the collaboration with staff is even more effective! As I continue to walk out this amazing opportunity, I can truly say, I’m proud to be of service and reach out where needed! 

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